**Course Overview:**

The Comprehensive DevOps Training offered by Kethu Infotech is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively implement DevOps practices in their organizations. This hands-on course covers a wide range of topics, including continuous integration, continuous delivery, infrastructure as code, automation, Linux, and 20 AWS services. Participants will gain practical experience through interactive exercises, real-world examples, and two live projects.

**Course Duration:**

– Total Duration: 130 hours (approximately 11 weeks)

– Weekly Sessions: 5 sessions of 90 minutes each

**Course Content:**

**Module 1: Introduction to DevOps**

– Understanding the fundamentals of DevOps

– Benefits of implementing DevOps in organizations

– DevOps culture and principles


**Module 2: Version Control and Collaboration Tools**

– Introduction to Git and version control systems

– Branching, merging, and resolving conflicts

– Collaborative tools like GitHub and Bitbucket

**Module 3: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment**

– Setting up a CI/CD pipeline using popular tools like Jenkins or GitLab CI/CD

– Automating the build, test, and deployment process

– Integration with version control systems

**Module 4: Infrastructure as Code**

– Introduction to Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concepts

– Tools like Terraform and CloudFormation for infrastructure provisioning

– Creating and managing infrastructure in the cloud

**Module 5: Configuration Management**

– Introduction to configuration management tools like Ansible or Chef

– Managing configurations and automating server setup

– Applying infrastructure changes through code

**Module 6: Monitoring and Logging**

– Importance of monitoring and logging in a DevOps environment

– Popular monitoring tools like Prometheus, Grafana, or ELK stack

– Setting up alerts and notifications for critical events

**Module 7: Containerization and Orchestration**

– Introduction to Docker and containerization

– Managing containerized applications with Kubernetes

– Scaling and orchestration of containers

**Module 8: Security in DevOps**

– Incorporating security practices into the DevOps pipeline

– Vulnerability scanning and code analysis

– Secure configuration management and secrets management

**Module 9: Linux Fundamentals**

– Introduction to Linux operating system

– Command-line basics and shell scripting

– Linux system administration tasks

**Module 10: Introduction to AWS Services**

– Overview of 20 popular AWS services, including but not limited to:

– Amazon EC2

– Amazon S3

– Amazon RDS

– Amazon VPC

– AWS Lambda

– Amazon CloudFront

– Amazon Route 53

– Amazon SNS

– Amazon SQS

– Amazon DynamoDB

**Module 11: Live Project 1**

– Collaborative project involving the implementation of DevOps practices

– Hands-on experience in setting up CI/CD pipeline, infrastructure provisioning, and configuration management using AWS and other tools covered in the course

**Module 12: Live Project 2**

– Second collaborative project focusing on advanced DevOps concepts and technologies

– Hands-on experience in containerization, orchestration, and monitoring using Docker, Kubernetes, and relevant tools

**Course Benefits:**

– Gain hands-on experience with popular DevOps tools and technologies

– Understand the key principles and practices of DevOps

– Learn how to automate build, test, and deployment processes

– Acquire the skills to provision and manage infrastructure as code

– Enhance your understanding of containerization, orchestration, and Linux administration

– Explore 20 AWS services and their application in a DevOps environment

– Work on two live projects to apply the learned concepts in real-world scenarios

– Receive a certificate from Kethu Infotech upon successful completion of the course

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    Wow! What a nice course. I will enroll on this course.

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    Nice course but it needs some imporvement

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