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Java script Course


Welcome to the Introduction to MongoDB using the MEAN Stack! Please find a high level
overview of what we will be covering in this course below. We hope you will enjoy the course.


What you’ll learn

Basic web development concepts (HTML, CSS & JavaScript)
Basic database concepts (SQL & NoSQL)
Basic cloud computing concepts
Installing and working with MongoDB and Node.js
MongoDB schema design fundamentals
Building REST APIs with Node.js and Express
Building single page applications with AngularJS
Deploying your apps to cloud (AWS)


Classroom & trainer led course. All curriculum is available on registration including the
assignment. Students will be encouraged to complete the assignments on time. A certificate will
be provided at the end of the course.



Grading in this course will be based on the homework assignments in each chapter.
You must
complete the homework and download your certificate before the course closes.


Part 1: Basic web development concepts (HTML, CSS &


Develop web sites using the latest web standards
How to code with modern HTML5 tags, draw and animate fun Web graphics and play
audio and video elements
CSS best practices for web page design
Fundamentals of JavaScript to help you develop interactive web apps
Understand why accessibility and internationalization are important

Part 2: Basic database concepts (SQL & NoSQL)

Designing and Implementing Tables
Ensuring Data Integrity through Constraints
Creating Indexes
Implementing Views

Part 3: Basic cloud computing concepts

Essential Characteristics of the Cloud
Cloud Services Models
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2)
Amazon EC2 Concepts
Amazon EC2 Access

Part 4: Introduction to MongoDB and NodeJS

Starting a standalone mongod and connecting with shell
package.json: installing dependencies with npm
Connecting to mongodb with NodeJS
Inserts and queries using the NodeJS driver
NodeJS concurrency and event loop fundamentals
require() basics
Using mocha for testing
package.json: npm run-script
Running mocha tests with gulp

Part 5: MongoDB schema design

Overview of retail application
Introduction to mongoose
Schema design principle: store what you query for
Schema design principle: principle of least cardinality
MongoDB indexes
Retail application schema: product
Retail application schema: category
Retail application schema: user and cart
Advanced mongoose features: virtuals
Advanced mongoose features: custom setters + sorting by currency

Part 6: NodeJS REST APIs with Express

What is a REST API?
Introduction to express
Dependency injection in NodeJS + ExpressJS
API-level TDD
Product API
Category API
Cart API
Integrating facebook oauth on the server-side
Integrating (Third party integrations) for payments
Integrating MongoDB Text Search
Integrating OpenExchangeRates

Part 7: Building an AngularJS client

Introduction: browserify and gulp-browserify
What is a single page app?
AngularJS philosophy and why it matters
Client-side routing
Facebook oauth token authentication
Category view
Product view
Cart view

Part 8: Deploying your apps to cloud (AWS)

AWS account setup
Setting up the server
Deploying the apps
Testing the live app

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